Nutritious & Delicious #1: Simple Gourmet Salad

Eating healthy is one of the major keys to being healthy and keeping our immune systems strong and ready to fight battles and slay opposing forces. One of the things most people who practice this dietary regimen do is eat salads and green vegetables daily. I enjoy eating salad not only because it's fresh and healthy but also because it's quick & easy to prepare, and tastes good.  Included in this post is video of a simple yet gourmet salad I whipped for lunch. There are several variations of salad I make and almost always depends on mood and what is currently in my fridge. Having a variety of herbs & spices, seasonings, vegetables, and proteins at your disposal help keep things interesting and from getting boring. Also, for those wondering why the bag of salad is lined with paper towels, it's to absorb the moisture to keep the salad from wilting as fast.  


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