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Restaurant Review: Ina Mae Tavern (New Orleans Style Cajun Food)

J ust in time for Mardi Gras! This past weekend I had an opportunity to travel to an old stomping ground Wicker Park and dine for brunch at Ina Mae Tavern (I call them Ina Mae's) which happens to be a Black owned restaurant featuring chef Brian Jupiter who's cooking is out of this world. Reservations were made a few days in advance as their availability fills up relatively fast. My friend tells me that at the time of day in which we'll be dining a band will be playing live blues music. Authentic New Orleans style Cajun food in particularly fried oysters, chargrilled oysters plus live blues. Great! I'm excited. It was more like bluegrass, but I digress. I'll take any form of live music in the midst of a pandemic.  Upon our arrival the host/server is behind the bar. I explain to him that we have a reservation and he tells us we can sit at an open table between two other tables. Unfortunately, this table was not socially distanced to our liking. I decline and ask if w

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