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Bronzeville Winery Brunch Review

Reviewed by Sean Alvarez On Sunday 12/11/22 I started my day at Bronzeville Winery for their freshly installed Brunch. This was a new endeavor by them so they invited me and a few other folks to check out the fare and provide a little bit of feedback before they officially go live. I've eaten there a few times and everything has been very good. That was mainly for dinner and happy hour. This time was for brunch, so I have an entirely different level of excitement. Brunch goes live this Sunday 12/18/22 so make your reservations today! Here's what we ate! Imma tell you how I really feel... Shrimp and Grits : The Shrimp and Grits were amazing! This is the first time I've had this dish with fried shrimp which I thought was unique and very dope. After all, who doesn't like fried shrimp (other than people who are allergic to them)? This was also my first time having shrimp at Bronzeville Winery and I really enjoyed the flavor and consistenc

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