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Food & Beverage Review: Bronzeville Winery's Happy Hour!

Recently I  had an opportunity to DJ at Bronzeville Winery for their after work Happy Hour situation and got my mind blown! Not only because of the music I was listening to while DJing (lol), but also the dining, drinking, and socializing. We do this again on Wednesday August 30th 2023 from 5pm-9pm, which is also one of my birthday celebrations. We'll also be celebrating a few other Virgo birthdays. You should join us!  In the meantime scroll down just below these two images to check out the review. For menus and to make reservations please visit    Since turning 21 a few years ago (lol) I've been to several Happy Hours around Chicago and in other cities and I must say that BW ranks around the very top of the list. Not only do the items on the Happy Hour menu taste great, they're more filling to your pockets. Tremendous bang for your buck! Everything is $7! While dining, drinking, socializing, and DJ'ing I was very Happy!  Happy Hour

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