The Walrus and The Carpenter Review: Seattle 2018

Marinated Beets

Lamb & Hummus (left), Fried Oysters (right)


What happened after the Sardines were eaten. 
Bread needed for sopping and plate cleaning...

Food Amongst Friends at The Walrus and The Carpenter 
by Sean Alvarez

Our original plan was to arrive at the restaurant when they open at 4pm but instead arrived at 5:30pm on a Friday and were wait listed for 2hours and 30 minutes. No problem. Ballard is a cool area with lots of bars, restaurants, and shops plus the host provided us with solid recommendations for bars in the area. To kill time we went to Stoneburner and Percy's. Percy's cocktails were very unique, creative, delicious, and really take it to the next level. Stoneburner was cool too. By the time we finished we headed back to the restaurant and had some light fare in the bar area located just outside of the restaurant entrance. After a few minutes our table was ready. 

We ordered an assortment of raw Oysters (my friends loved them, I prefer fried oysters),
Seafood Ceviche (very good)
Marinated Beets (very good)
Lamb and hummus dish (very good)
Fried Oysters (Excellent)
Grilled Sardines (Beyond Excellent!!!)
Bread Pudding for dessert (average)

I realize everyone is entitled to their opinion but I can't fathom how this restaurant grades anything less than very good. 
The wait should be expected because it is a small space and is in high demand.This was one of the first places on our list to visit as we were in Seattle for the weekend from Chicago. The food in my opinion was adequately priced. They feature small to mid sized plates, but it's perfect for sharing and tasting and most people know you have to pay for quality. If the wait frustrates you I get it, but the food and service speaks for itself. I would come back to Seattle for a weekend just to eat here again.

-FILTER'd by Sean Alvarez


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