Ronda's Ridiculous Ribs and Waffles: The Chicken & Waffle Edition

Two things that I Love are good music and good food. Today those worlds cohesively merged together like the songs in Osunlade's DJ set. Monday July 5th I had a chance to enjoy some great music with great people featuring one of my favorite house music producers and DJs while the scent of waffles (chicken & waffles to be specific) permeated the air inside The Promontory and created a type of aromatherapy people who Love food and people who Love waffles can truly appreciate. 

After having a few conversations with Ronda Flowers, The Queen of the Chicago House Music scene  about her waffles this would be my first time indulging in such an ingenious delicacy. We're at The Promontory for a house music event that she is not only promoting, but is also the featured food vendor. Ronda's Ridiculous Ribs and Waffles. This is the Chicken & Waffles edition. 

While the DJs are on stage front and center facing the crowd of dancers and music enthusiasts Ronda takes stage nestled spaciously between the sound booth and the bar. She's performing/preparing food on the smaller stage where DJs create soundscapes for events that only occupy half of the room. DJs typically use two turntables. She uses two waffle irons to create magic. Her collection of goodness consists of homemade waffle batter, roasted homemade chicken chunks, butter, sea salt granules, and bourbon maple syrup. If you feel like getting dirty Ronda recommends eating in the fashion that you would a sandwich on loaf bread or a bun. I prefer to not have syrup on my hands so I'll have mine plated using a fork and knife to indulge. Plus I was wearing my Good Clothes (Shout out Little Brother). Funny thing tho, now that I think about it you can actually hold it by cuffing the side and avoiding syrup all over your hands. Even more ingenious. 

Those of you who have ever had a conversation or have heard me talk about waffles know that I generally prefer thin waffles over Belgian waffles. I also prefer my waffles to be hot vs warm/room temperature because the butter melts better and faster as opposed to caked on butter that is not melted as well. In this situation the waffle is about the size of 2 Belgian waffles sitting on top of each other and approximately 3-4 inches in diameter. The waffles were perfectly cooked on the outside. On the inside the roasted chicken was perfectly seasoned. One of the interesting nuances I really appreciated when you eat this dish is when you get toward the center, some of the batter is gooey. It was pretty dope and put me in the mindset of eating cookie dough, but not as doughy and cooked more thorough if that makes since.  

My request in customizing my waffle was very simple. Please apply better than average to excellent amounts of butter. After applying the butter a shake of sea salt is applied then maple syrup is drizzled throughout thus coating the entire top of the waffle or as Ronda may say waffle sandwich. My order was to go and was made fresh approximately one hour before the party ended. When I got the crib 90 minutes later it was still warm. If I wanted to apply more butter I could've and it likely would've not taken much time to melt. 

To sum it up...

Chicken & Waffles is one of my favorite dishes to dine on and when it comes to chicken & waffles I'm pretty selective in terms of what I consider good and not as good (See my review further down on this page entitled: Love Letter To Chicken & Waffles). This was an extremely dope dish! Tasty and immensely creative. I Love it not only because I'm a big fan of chicken & waffles, but because I've never experienced eating with such ease when eating chicken & waffles. The waffle was more than adequately warm and perfect for the melting of the butter while it was also tasty with hints of what I detect to have possibly been cinnamon. The chicken was perfectly seasoned and the amount of chunks were adequate shared in a good balance to provide a good chicken chunk to waffle batter ratio. The combination of the ingredients and the flavors came together in perfect harmony. 

This is one dish I strongly recommend. You should try one yourself. You can also try a variety of waffles with other combinations of veggie and meat options. If you're located in Chicago or nearby orders can be placed by calling or texting (773) 531-9693.

Thanks for reading!

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