Food Amongst Friends: Dusek's Board & Beer (Brunch)

During this episode of Food Amongst Friends we headed to Dusek's Board & Beer in Chicago for Brunch. This was a very Awesome dining experience. Great Food, Great Drinks, Great Service! Here is a recap of the food and drink we enjoyed. 
We strongly recommend dining at or ordering carryout from this excellent dining establishment!
For carryout and dine in availability please visit

Hopped Up Gin- Delicious and refreshing! 

Belgian Old Fashioned- Delicious! has a slight hint of banana plus it comes in a bottle for you to keep.

Seasonal Toast- Not caught on film so we'll give details. Toast with toppings that include two of my favorite things...mushrooms and brown butter. Very delicious but wish the toast would've been more firm/crisp and less soggy. Nonetheless a very creative and tasty dish. 

Scrambled Eggs Your Way- Not caught on film either. The eggs were Awesome! Scrambled to my specifications. Cheese, butter, and onions. The chef even knew it was me based on this order. LOL. 

Chilaquiles- Delicious! Great toppings, Great flavor, and Great texture! 

Breakfast Potatoes- Delicious! Perfectly seasoned and crisp. Among the best in the city! 

Grits- Great flavor, smooth, creamy, and cheesy but not too cheesy. This batch was a little bit more salty than I would like but still tasted Delicious and is still the best in the city.


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