Love Letter to Chicken and Waffles

Pictured are The Promontory's Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and Waffles, oh how I Love thee.  You are a tasty and interesting combination but real talk, I’ve only experienced this dish done the right way a couple of times.  Roscoe’s on Pico in LA, I love you for practically everything you do except the combination of chicken and waffles. The waffles I love with all of my heart primarily because they’re round and thin with a minor hint of sweetness and spice that might just be cinnamon, AND the butter melts instantly (even after sitting for 5-10 minutes). Chicken you’re cool but nothing special in my opinion, but you do remind me of home fried chicken, which always generates nostalgic and Good feelings. However, I prefer chicken that I don’t have to pick from the bone, but is ready to eat while laying on top of a soft bed of cooked batter, as deboned chicken is the better route in navigating this dish to blissful endings. Nevertheless, I prefer to eat my chicken and waffles together with melted butter on the waffles and a little to moderate portion of syrup over the entire combination of chicken, waffles, and fork. 

The Promontory’s version I love the most as this is the best I’ve had to date. A nice thick thigh of deboned fried chicken bathed in Nashville styled hot sauce sitting on top of 2 perfectly square shaped waffles sized between a thin waffle and a Belgian waffle but square. Kinda slim-thick with thickness in the right areas. Use your knife to massage a mad decent portion of butter on the waffles and just like Roscoe’s waffles, it won’t take long to melt.
Cut the chicken on top of the waffles, drizzle with a little bit of maple syrup then eat it all one bite at a time. Sweet, Savory, and Spicy with a bit of Smoke all together under the roof of your mouth coming together like a great romantic situation or just simply like chicken and waffles.

This dish along with many other amazing dishes is served during brunch at The Promontory in Downtown Hyde Park Chicago. Brunch happens every Saturday and Sunday from 9am-3pm. Sunday March 15th 2020 I'll be DJing in the upstairs part of the venue during the Hyde Park Handmade Artisan Bazaar taking place from 12noon until 4pm. Soul and Jazz inspired grooves of an old and new variety will be the soundtrack. It's free and family friendly. 
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-by Sean Alvarez


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